Language Services

We enable a fundamental human process – communication.

When we're asked to describe our services, we often respond by saying that we do everything related to languages – both foreign and domestic. If you have a need to communicate with an international audience, we have a solution – regardless of the method of communication.

If you are looking for a written communication method, including websites, please select "Translation" or "Desktop Publishing" to learn more. For spoken communication methods, please see our "Narration", "Transcription", and "Interpretation" sections.

We invite you to contact us directly for a truly customized solution to your needs. For more information and a consultation with our Language Services management team, please contact us by telephone at (703) 247-0700 or by email at


Though translation seems like a distinct enough description of the process of converting a document in one language to a document in another language, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Every document, every project, and every client is unique.


Imagine... Your overseas client and his client want to meet your company’s representatives and tour your plant before they will sign the deal. Or... Representatives from 10 different countries have registered for your association’s annual conference. Or... You need to depose a witness who doesn’t speak English.

Desktop Publishing

Comprehensive Language Center, Inc. began providing Arabic typesetting services in the early 1980´s in support of a large foreign military services contract. We quickly expanded to add European and Asian languages. As desktop publishing technology has improved, we have upgraded our equipment, processes and procedures and have greatly reduced the complexity and cost of providing high quality desktop publishing services.

Desktop publishing services are usually requested for brochures, advertisements, manuals, surveys, forms, business cards, annual reports, prospectuses, guides and reports of all varieties. We not only provide expert layout capability but we also review your choice of colors, artwork and general design to make sure it is culturally suitable for your target audience.



Spoken messages are one of the most flexible and effective ways to communicate with clients and colleagues abroad. Whether you are marketing and selling to prospects overseas, training employees around the world, or informing international distributors about new product developments, it is best to address your audience in their native language. The Comprehensive Language Center enhances your message with these narration services:

  • Script review and translation

  • Text and footage review and editing for cultural appropriateness

  • Professional narration, including a target-language specialist to monitor quality

  • Studio production, using a technical expert to monitor soundtrack timing and quality

  • Project Manager/Producer to supervise the recording session

Our expertise in providing narration services is concentrated in the following areas:

  • Multimedia

  • Public Service Announcements

  • Video Voice-over


Clearly, over the last few years, technology has evolved. And with that evolution, the methods of communication have progressed. Conveying your message has never been easier, but at the same time, it´s never been as complicated. No matter how you decide to communicate your message, Comprehensive has the fundamental skills and experience to convey that message in whatever language necessary.


Interviews. Conversations. Depositions. Seminars. No matter what language or subject area, if you have a recording, we can transcribe it into a precise written record.

Special Services

In addition to our regular services, we offer the following specialized services for unique challenges.


In a localization or globalization project, a product such as a software package or brochure is rendered culturally appropriate for the country, region or audience our client specifies. Translation is only one part of the process, and may involve software strings, ad copy, manuals, training exercises, etc. We also review artwork, colors, photographs, display characteristics, font types and sizes to ensure the entire product looks as if it was originally designed in the area for which it is intended.